Saturday, April 2, 2011

Atlantic Worship Festival 2010

I was just thinking today about the festival and how awesome it was. The landscape was
beautiful, and so were the people. I always say that it's an honor and a privilege to work with other bands such as the ones we worked with on that powerful week-end; so to
all of the people whom we rubbed shoulders with we think your awesome. To the people
who donated their time and efforts, God bless you all, and to those who gave us the
great space to work in blessings to you. Friday night was so much fun, New World Son
made the house bounce. I don't think that I had ever danced so much in such a long time.
We had to check out the Masstown Market on that Saturday, and I came out with
quite a few goodies(yum, yum) to take home to my wife. To all our fans and friends we met that week-end we won't forget the great times we had.

God Bless You richly,


Everybody is Awesome!

Hey all you Latterrain fans out there, just wanted to let you all know that you are so
awesome and that we always appreciate your support. We are always reminded that where
ever we go friendship and connection is so important. What happens before and after a
concert is often the most important thing because that's the time we have the chance to connect with everybody and develop friendships. To all we have ever come in contact
with we believe God has amazing things in store for all of you, and a bright future in
store. Remember to always have close time with God and spend time reading the Bible, it really is cool the things you will find out from him if you take that time to reflect on his great, vast love for you.
We have been working on some new material lately and we are so excited with the new ideas that come our way. Keep us in your prayers as we continue to write, so that
other peoples lives will be touched and changed through these songs, because it's all
about Jesus and how he changed our lives, Amen!.

God bless you all very much,