Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gateway Coffee House

You are probably getting a good laugh out of my blogging, this is new for me now so I'm having fun, and I am really excited to be able to share the latest news with all of you AWESOME Latterrain fans. As always, thank you for your continued support and prayers as we are preparing to see more great moves of God in the Maritimes and world wide. We just recently played at Gateway coffee house in Sackville on Oct 15th.It is always fun to get together with all of our musician friends and chill with some sweet acoustic sets. Everybody always has something unique to offer at this event and we encourage you all to check it out.

Thanks everybody, and remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God

Latterrain Mobile

Hey everybody this is Craig, thought you would all want to know that we are selling the Latterrain mobile. It is a sad occasion of course but we have decided to explore some other avenues for future transportation. Just this afternoon we cleaned her up and she looks as good as new. Matt and I took some pics so you can see how fancy it looks. I have to say that febreeze is a fantastic product and handy wipes do work great for cleaning the inside of the window frames.

God Bless