Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommended listening

Posted by Matt

“Future of Forestry” has just released the third and final EP in the “Travel” series and is now in constant rotation on my iPod. The songwriting and arrangements are brilliant! I can honestly say the only aspect of this recording that I don’t like is that it is too short… Check out the following links:

Future of Forestry: Travel
Following a recent journey through both painful and beautiful life changes, artist Eric Owyoung has arrived at this wisdom: “Listen to your heart, and take with you what lasts forever.” That deep and bright message defines “Traveler’s Song,” a soaring tune he wrote to rise above the transient mess of human circumstance. And it’s the same piece that launches the Travel series, a conceptual trio of poetic and elemental records from his ethereal rock band Future of Forestry.

Three sets with six tracks each, and released just months apart; Travel I, Travel II, and Travel III use the carriers of air, sea, and land respectively to explore our temporary struggles and eternal hopes, ultimately discovering what matters most.

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Amazing! Have a listen – you won’t be disappointed!


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